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This short introduction will show you how to start using 3D Max Reality services.

When your account is already registered and confirmed please download the application compatible with your operating system from this site.

After installation is completed you are ready to start testing our service. Remember to buy some Render Points Package, they are available from just 7 Euro!


As a first step we encourage you to use predefined scenes that are available online in you Cloud Storage folder inside the 3DMR application.



Start the 3DMR application on full screen. Enter the login and pass that you used while registering on our site and click Connect. (For first steps with your 3D application and 3DMR plugin read the documentation)


At a first start the sync process of Cloud Storage folders will be initiated. It can last up to several minutes depending on your internet connection speed. You do not have to wait until the full sync is done but it is highly recommended. After a sample "grey" studio scene appears in a viewport window the 3DMR service is ready to use. The sync process with the next start of 3DMR application will be made instantly.


Click the button Cloud Storage. It will open the Cloud Storage folders - online content available for your account. Click the button one more time to hide the panel. The system works similar with other panels.

Remember never to click "Static Render" button without merging some geometry to the scene or loading some already prepared ones. It could couse an application error.

While having the Cloud Storage panel turned on double click on one of available scenes to load it.


After the full load is completed your 3D scene is ready to be tested!

Navigation is made with both mouse buttons. The SHIFT button used at the same time with mouse button uses different navigation tool.


For more information and detailed manual click here.

Also check some short introduction videos at our YouTube channel. They are very helpful and will give you a rough idea of 3DMR service functionality.



Questions? Ideas? Email us at

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