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We can buy almost everything. Shopping doesn’t necessarily involve a lot of money as the market is literally flooded with cheap products made in China. Of course, in search for quality and/or recognizable brand we must prepare to spend a little more but – more or less expensively – nearly anything can be bought.

Despite that a society of DIY lovers is rapidly growing. DIY stands for “Do It Yourself”. The idea is to make or repair things personally. In other words, when you want to build a custom table you don’t call for carpenter and instead you make it on your own. Actually, it is often much more expensive way to get things but members of the DIY community say that the process itself gives them so much fun and satisfaction.

Anyway, 3d graphics is widely used by DIY-ers to visualize their ideas or to plan, measure and test those “soon-to-be-made” items before handcrafting. With applications such as 3DS Max it is possible to create the three-dimensional objects in virtual spatial space, to transform them and to corrects all possible mistakes before building starts.


To speed-up the whole process it is good to use an online rendering service “3D MAX Reality” which can make rendering time over 40 times shorter. With ultrahigh quality live previews it’s one of the best tools for DIY-style designers and makers. It’s also a great way to present their work online as the service lets them to share all the projects with other people who use 3ds max rendering plugins. As a lot of DIY fans prefer to spend their money for building materials rather than “virtual tools” it’s also good to know that the payment model for our service is “pay-as-you-go” so one is paying only for the resources really used. 


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