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The term “GPU rendering” is widely used in games industry. Usually it means that all the three-dimensional images or full animations are generated by the graphics processor unit which is the base of the graphic card of the computer. That being said it’s worth noting that modern GPU are in many cases much faster than the main CPU’s. Everything comes with the price though. It means that although the GPU might be (and usually really is) faster than CPU it’s also less universal: it is unable to perform all the same calculations that CPU is. Sometimes it doesn’t matter.

The real benefit of GPU speed is its efficiency in 3d rendering. That’s why the render farms are almost always built on the basis of GPUs. Being able to render even 40-50 times faster than on the solo machine is in fact worth a shot. Modern grids of GPUs managed by the special software does give a significant speed boost to the rendering process. It’s like a “nitro” afterburner for your car, except it doesn’t damage the engine and may be used constantly.


Moreover, moving the 3d rendering process into the computational cloud gives you the comfort of what we can call as a “portable GPU rendering”. That’s because you do not have to have a 3d software installed on your machine to render project – simply by uploading the files into the cloud and starting the process with just a single click of a mouse inside your user dashboard you are able to order our GPU rendering cloud to generate scenes in the background. Then you can download all the generated visuals and projects to your computer and use it or show it to your customers. That’s a real mobility. Of course, there are also free plugins for your favorite 3d software like 3DS Max and ArchiCad. Those plugins make your work even more convenient because they let you start rendering without even logging-in to your online account or uploading anything to the web. With the plugins everything will be kept in-sync and you’ll be even able to use those real-time previews in time of design.



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