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Apparentlyalreadyprehistoriccave drawingsincludeattempts topresent amotionin the form ofanimationon the imagesof people and animalsbecause there aremultiple, superimposedlimbs- it is, according to someexperts, clearlyexpressedintentions ofcontemporaryartists.The first realanimationbutappearedmuch later.
For the firstanimated filmsare considered topaintingfrom 1906, and another-from1910The lastshotwasin Kaunasby a Pole. In the thirties,whileitsstudiocreatedin HollywoodWalt Disney. Hisproductionsquicklyconquered the worldandforeverchanged thecinema, making the animationhave becomepart ofpop culture.

The firstDisneyanimationswere createdthroughpainstaking workof staff ofgraphic artistsandevenlarger group ofcartoonists, whose task wasarduous task ofredrawingthe artisticvision for thefilm.
Today, thesame is doneusingmodern computersandspecialized software. Imagescreated using3DS MaxStudioamazequality andanimationbringin a wholenew era.With toolssuch as3DS Maxrenderingpluginsanimated filmproductionhas become evenfasterand easier, and its costs-because thatplugusesefficientcloudrendering,ierenderingin the cloud computing-have becomelow,as never before.

Modern industrial design

Modernindustrial designis no longer justan areaartists andvisionaries, but above alla hugerange of possibilitiesformaterialengineers, usabilityspecialistsand ergonomicsand professionalsfrommarketing.For theobject thatyou buyin the store-forthis, how it works andworks-isa greatstaffof professionals, each of whom is responsible fora specific aspect ofthe project.Of course,over allarmedchief designer, whose worksupportsa team of experiencedgraphic designerswho specialize increatingthree-dimensional graphics. Most oftenusedfor this purposesoftware, such as the famous3DS MaxStudio- the mostadvanced,modernprogramof this kind.In addition tohigh-techcomputers and softwaredeveloperswith the help ofspecialized servicesalso comein the cloud.Oneof them is theonlinerenderingimplementedusing3DS Maxrenderingplugins, a set of plug-insthat significantlyaccelerate therendering ofthree-dimensional imagesand animations, thereby reducing the cost ofthe formation ofprominentproject.


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