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End of the film we know 

Who among usdoes not watchmovies? Some peoplego to the cinema, others prefertelevision,and still otherswith pleasurecollectDVDorBlueRay. Hitsstraight fromHollywoodorforeverliveclassicsfrom the past- it's hardto imaginethe modern worldwithoutfilm. Eachfilmisan armyof people: writers, producers, technicians, actors ...The latter, however, soonmay have to waita sadunemployment.Why?
Here'sto the big screenwith a vengeanceentersmodern technology. Until recently,special effects andcomputer generated"cartoon" arouseadmiration. Todayrevivesthelong-deadactorsor - evenmore- introducesa completely newform. New, because borninthe bowels ofhigh-speedelectroniccomputers.Three-dimensionalgraphics arenowpermanentlypresent in thefilm, and software forits creationand an army ofprofessionalsserving themis anecessary part ofany studio.
Similarly, moreover, as thecloud-type solutions gpurendering,significantlyacceleratingthe generation ofthree-dimensional imagesand animationthrough the use ofefficient cloudcomputingcapabilities. So it seemsthat soonthe actorswaitingdeservedretirement, and we'llcheerthe heroeswhoin theatersandtelevisionmarchedthrough3ds maxrenderingplugins.

Star Warsin the clouds

The legendary"Star Wars" -provided, of course, the so-calledfirsttrilogy-isan unprecedentedexample ofmasteryin the production ofspecial effectsfor the film. The teamresponsible for thespectacularspacesceneorlight saberbut thenhadto use the methodsthatwere thenveryinnovative, butnowadays considerthem to becompletelyoutdated.Createdsomockspacecraftused adifferenttrickswithcamerasbuiltdolls, and some effectssimplywere drawnon the film. Today,similar effects, though of coursein a muchhigher qualityis achievedbycompletely differentand mucheasier,the use of computers. Thanks tomoderncloud computingdobrodziejstwomthis workhas become not onlya lot easier, butalso fasterandcheaper.Onlinerenderingis without doubt themost important tool fordevelopersof special effects, and applicationssuch as3ds maxrenderpluginsaid theworking andlower itscosts.



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