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Most of us thinkthatpredicting the weatherisa kind ofmagic-a"pure guesswork". Apparentlyonly oldmountaineerson targetcanpredictwhether theskyfora fewdays will beclearwhetherit will rain, and what will be thetemperature. This of courseis not true, becausetoday'sknowledgeandtechnologyused bymeteorologistsare second to none. Of the pastgotoo"flat"weather mapsthatareabandonedin favor ofa detailed, highlyaccurate3D modeling. Courseis onemeteorologicalmodelandattractivemappresentedevenin the televisionweather forecast, it's different. The latteralso tend totake the form ofthree-dimensionalgraphics.Forits creationusessoftwaresuch as3DS Maxprogram.

The problem-as intelevision, whereeverything has tohappen"immediately" is particularly important- it istimeto generategraphics.Therefore, welook atmodern solutions,utilizingthe benefits ofthe so-calledcloud computing: cloud rendering.Itis a service thatthanks toimmense powerof modern processorsallowsfor detailed, high-qualitythree-dimensionalimages and animationsin real time.In the case ofthe said programthis servicecan be activated using3ds maxrenderingplugins


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