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The question is: how long can rendering of the complex project take? Everyone who has some experience within the 3d design area can answer it without hesitation. And the answer is simply: a long, long time. For professionals who make a living with 3d graphics it’s an unacceptable truth.


Anyway, although modern computers demonstrate really impressive computational power and because of it are very fast, they aren’t able to fulfill all the great expectations from architects, movie makers or engineers. Rendering process of some extremely complex projects can take tens of days or even long months on fastest machines. Yet, the customer or investor wants everything to be done “right here, right now”. Although it’s quite a natural demand, it’s also quite impossible to respect because of the technological barriers. On the other hand, the designer also gets frustrated and upset when forced to rerun rendering because of some unexpected errors that occurred only in final visuals.

The best way to avoid the trouble is to use up-to-date render farm. By rendering farm we mean some specialized cluster (network in other words) of servers that use graphics processing units as their cores. The difference between GPU (like those chips on graphics cards) and CPU (“the heart” of a typical computer) is the construction: CPU is universal and can perform a lot of math operations that GPU cannot. However GPU can perform less number of various calculations but because of this can perform them a lot faster. Of course, in case of GPU all those possible calculations are selected especially for processing 3d graphics.


Render farms can increase rendering speed multiple times. From our own experience we can say that “3D MAX Reality” and “3D CAD Reality” GPU cloud rendering services can accelerate rendering process by about 4 – 5 000 percent


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