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The 3d graphics design becomes easier every day. It’s obvious that the development of contemporary 3d graphics software has lowered so called entry barrier, although the entire process isn’t easy at all and is backed-up by the advanced math knowledge. The 3d applications are capable of sophisticated automation of various complex tasks and are equipped with user-friendly and intuitive interfaces that do not need long and complicated learning curve. This way the modern 3d software lets the designer focus on his conception instead of technical and technological issues. 

Sometime ago you couldn’t say the same about creation of 3d animation. Spatial animating required creation of some static objects and scenes that could be later manually moved and transformed inside the virtual three-dimensional space. The designer had to precisely define the motion paths and vectors, set all the changes of light in time and space, describe objects’ reaction in case of possible collisions, calculate the gravity force changes or take into account other laws of physics.

Nowadays all these issues are mostly gone. With 3DS Max package (which is by the way the market leader) we can animate people, animals or objects in three-dimensional space nearly automatically. The software is also capable of applying all necessary laws of physics and environmental factors to animation all by itself.

Despite that we must remember that the 3d animation has to be rendered at some point. As the project becomes more complex, the rendering takes more time. The time depends heavily on the quality, length and complexity of animation. In case of many professional projects it’s almost impossible to generate it without some help of “3D MAX Reality” service which moves the whole rendering process into so called rendering farm consisting some powerful GPU’s. The difference is actually really impressive: the rendering time can be as short as a few hours or even minutes instead of tens of days.


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