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Surely the 3d graphics is present in almost every aspect of our life. We watch movies with 3d special effects, we buy items that were designed with 3d software, we treat ourselves with drugs created with 3d modeling of DNA helix and we play games made with 3d motion engines. The list can go on indefinitely.

As we’re getting used to the fact that 3d graphics is everywhere, a lot of us get interested in 3d design. Those of artistic soul or those who think that the 3d technology can help them do their work – all of them want to learn and use 3d graphics. With modern computers and relatively low software prices it’s quite easy to start. At least, it look like that.


In fact, getting the software and gaining knowledge of how to use it isn’t everything. You will probably realize soon that after the pleasurable modeling and fine-tuning stage of the project comes the most boring and time-consuming part. It is of course the 3d rendering which can take a long time to complete. The more complex project, the longer rendering you should expect. Sometimes these may be just hours and sometimes even days. Here comes the moment when you think of buying a new computer but should you?

First of all, most of us in fact cannot afford the machine that would render high-quality images or animations from 3DS MAX in real time. And second – it simply has no sense because there are great services like “3D MAX Reality” that utilize the power of GPU cloud rendering. It’s cheap, it’s fast and it lets everyone use the fastest and most powerful rendering farm on the market.

Such a solution is an answer for everyone who really want to use 3d graphics professionally and – even more – for those creative amateurs with a broad imagination but not so efficient computers. 


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